Howdy Modi: Here Are The Most Iconic Moments From The Mega Event Which Is Now Making Global Headlines

Howdy Modi: Here Are The Most Iconic Moments From The Mega Event Which Is Now Making Global HeadlinesPrime Minister Modi, US President Donald Trump

The mega Howdy Modi event in Houston’s NRG stadium is now hogging global headlines with both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump delivering hard hitting speeches, whose contents are being much talked about.

Hence here are some of the most iconic moments from yesterday’s event which became a rage on social media.

The Buildup

The event was sold out and all available 50,000 seats were registered and accounted for. Certain elements including Pakistan Army’ spokesperson began trolling - and then subsequently deleted their tweets claiming “empty seats”.

Here is the final bird’s eye view of the NRG stadium.

Birds eye view of Houston’s NRG stadium (Pic via Twitter)
Birds eye view of Houston’s NRG stadium (Pic via Twitter)

Prime Minister Modi’s Entry

After a somewhat dull cultural performance the audience interest perked up when a bipartisan Congress delegation including heavyweights like - Ted Cruz and Steny Hoyer walked up on the stage.

After brief speeches, the moment finally arrived when Prime Minister Modi made his entry on the stage and bowed before the sizeable crowd, which roared in appreciation.

Trump’s Delayed But High Profile Entry

A brief lull ensured the delegation waited for Trump to arrive - he was purportedly running late. After he finally reached the venue he was received by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar.

Prime Minister Modi too went backstage to greet him and the two world leaders obliged a kid with a selfie.

The two then later walked on stage together to greet the crowd.

Prime Minister Modi’s Introductory Speech

After ushering Trump on stage, Prime Minister Modi gave a passionate introduction of Trump which involved heavily praising him and his administration.

This was widely approved by social media users as a shrewd strategy, and Trump could be seen being giddy with happiness.

Notably Prime Minister Modi also used the phrase, Abki Baar Trump Sarkar, which was misconstrued by various media outlets as endorsing his re-election bid.

Prime Minister Modi also made a moving statement when he said to Trump, “You introduced your family to me in 2017, today I am introducing my family to you (while pointing at the crowd”.

Trump’s Speech

Then time came for Trump to deliver his speech and he ended up delivering an action packed speech in his own right.

Trump promised that as long as he remains President India will have a true friend at the White House. He also joked about possibly attending the first NBA game in India, scheduled to held in Mumbai next week.

In what resulted in him getting a standing applause from the audience, Trump reiterated his administration’s commitment to safeguard innocent civilians from Radical Islamic terror.

He also took a tough stance against illegal immigration while at the same time welcoming legal migrants to the country.

Modi’s Speech

Prime Minister Modi started his speech by calling the event “history in the making”. He also apologised for all those who could not attend due to high demand.

Notably, Prime Minister Modi in a bid to showcase India’s diversity replied “everything is fine” in nine different Indian languages while posing a mock question “Howdy Modi” to himself.

He also spoke about the abrogation of Article 370 which drew roars of approval from the crowd, which gave a standing ovation to Indian lawmakers when requested by Prime Minister Modi.

He later took aim at Pakistan by saying, “there are some who are unable to take care of their own country but are concerned over Kashmir”.

He acknowledged Trump administration’s own commitment to fight terror and urged the crowd to give him a standing ovation for it.

Victory Lap

After delivering his speech Prime Minister Modi decided to go off the script and discussed with Trump the possibility of the duo embarking on a victory lap. The US President obliged much to the delight of the crowd.

The event became a success with #HowdyModi becoming the top trending topic in the world and hogged the headlines of prominent newspapers.

Prime Minister Modi is currently on a 7 day trip to the US where he will later address the 74th session of the UN General Assembly.


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