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Last Sitting Of 17th Lok Sabha: Here Are 12 Key Highlights Of PM Modi's Speech

Kuldeep Negi

Feb 10, 2024, 05:57 PM | Updated 06:02 PM IST

PM Modi
PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday (10 February) addressed the last sitting of the 17th Lok Sabha.

Here are the key highlights of PM Modi's speech:

Gratitude to MPs

Extending his thanks to all the MPs, he said, "The 17th Lok Sabha took many important decisions in its 5 years of service to the country and despite facing many challenges, everyone tried to give the right direction to the country to the best of their ability".

Motto of Governance

He also highlighted that the motto of the last five years has been “reform, perform and transform.”

PM Modi added that it was rare for the country to “witness reform while performing and for the transformation to be visible simultaneously.”

COVID-19 Challenges and Initiative by MPs

Remembering the challenging times of COVID, he expressed gratitude to the members of Parliament "who decided to relinquish their privileges in times of need without a second thought".

"To motivate the citizens of India, honourable members decided to reduce 30 per cent of their respective salaries and allowances," he said.

New Parliament Building

He said that the new Parliament building, which was inaugurated last year, encapsulates the heritage and the spirit of India's independence that the country first experienced in 1947.

"The sacred Sengol will serve as a reminder to our future generations of the ideals we uphold, inspiring them during challenging times," he said. He also highlighted the use of technology for conducting 'Paperless Parliament'.

Productivity and Cooperation

He added the cooperation of chair and the members resulted in 97 per cent productivity during the 17th Lok Sabha.

Legislative Achievements

PM Modi said that during the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha, both the houses passed 30 bills, which was a record in itself.

Foundation for Future:

"Many reforms have taken place during this tenure. The strong foundation of 21st century India is visible in all those things. The country has moved forward at a fast pace towards change and all the colleagues in the House have played their part," he said.

Game-Changing Session

"This session has been a game-changer! Various reforms have been implemented, laying the foundation for India of the 21st century. India has paced forward at an unprecedented speed," he said.

Realisation of Long-awaited Changes

"I can say this with utmost satisfaction that changes the previous generations had waited for so long have been realised during the 17th Lok Sabha," the Prime Minister added.

Article 370 Scrapping

He also highlighted the scrapping of Article 370, which removed the special status of J&K.

Replacing Colonial-era Laws:

Speaking about the passage of the new criminal code bills that replaced colonial-era laws, PM Modi said, "For 75 years after independence, our justice system was dictated by the rules made by the Britishers. But now, our future generations will proudly say that they live in a society that follows Nyaya Sahinta and not 'Dand-Sanhita'".

Legislative Reforms

Further, he also noted the passage of many bills including J&K reorganisation, triple talaq, and Digital Personal Data bills.

Kuldeep is Senior Editor (Newsroom) at Swarajya. He tweets at @kaydnegi.

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