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NCP Chief Sharad Pawar Thanks Gautam Adani While Other INDI Alliance Parties Continuously Target The Group

Nishtha Anushree

Dec 24, 2023, 01:46 PM | Updated 01:46 PM IST

Sharad Pawar (L) and Gautam Adani at India’s first Lactoferrin Plant in Gujarat (Twitter)
Sharad Pawar (L) and Gautam Adani at India’s first Lactoferrin Plant in Gujarat (Twitter)

Sharad Pawar, the head of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), expressed his gratitude and admiration for industrialist Gautam Adani on Saturday (23 December), appreciating his monetary contribution towards the building of a new technology centre in Baramati, Pune.

During the opening ceremony of the robotic lab in the engineering department at Vidya Pratishthan in Baramati, Pawar delivered a speech to the attendees. Deepak Chabaria, the chairman of Finolex J Power Systems Limited, was also in attendance.

Pawar addressed the assembly, emphasising the swift evolution of the engineering industry and the consequent need for a dedicated team willing to embrace these changes in order to progress.

"The construction of India's inaugural Artificial Intelligence centre is already in progress, a project estimated to cost around Rs 25 crore. The necessary funds have been secured, allowing us to commence the work. I am grateful that upon my request, two of our colleagues promptly stepped forward to lend their support," shared the experienced politician.

"First Siphotech, which is the most important company in the construction sector in the country, They have decided to help the project with Rs 10 crore, I would like to thank them very much," Pawar said.

"On this occasion, we must acknowledge Gautam Adani, who has generously donated Rs 25 crore to the institution," stated Pawar. He further added, "Thanks to the assistance from these two individuals, we are now able to initiate these projects here and the work has already begun."

The head of the NCP disclosed that an agricultural exhibition, facilitated by Krushi Vikas Pratisthan, is scheduled to take place in Baramati from 17 to 22 January.

Notably, NCP is a constituent party in INDI Alliance, which is led by Congress and Congress has continuously adopted an anti-Adani stance with its leader Rahul Gandhi consistently targeting the group.

Similarly, another party in INDI Alliance is TMC, whose MP, Mahua Moitra is facing expulsion from Lok Sabha over allegedly taking favours and cash in exchange for attacking the Adani group through questions in the parliament.

"Modern high-tech products are brought to market through the combined use of machinery, electricity, electronics, and computing, all while cultivating an industry-driven workforce. To meet this escalating demand, there is a significant requirement for engineers skilled in new technology, both domestically and internationally. Given these challenges and opportunities, Vidya Pratishthan has taken the initiative to establish the first smart factory in a rural area, specifically in Baramati, spanning approximately four thousand square feet; the construction of which has already commenced," he further explained.

"Currently, production trends are shifting towards China, raising the question of how we can redirect this flow to India. This presents a unique opportunity. Consequently, it's crucial to equip the younger generation, the youth power, with the necessary skills. India, often referred to as a nation of youth, is known for its tenacity. Hence, we must prepare to provide them with globally recognized technical training," stated Pawar.

Nishtha Anushree is Senior Sub-editor at Swarajya. She tweets at @nishthaanushree.

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