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PM Modi Slams 'Theatrics Of Opposition' Over Parliament Security Breach, Says Their Agenda Is To Disrespect The Constitution

Kuldeep Negi

Dec 19, 2023, 11:41 AM | Updated 11:46 AM IST

PM Modi
PM Modi

Criticising the leaders of the Opposition, Prime Minister Modi stated on Tuesday that their current threats could prevent them from coming back to power.

'It is not destined for some people to do something constructive,' he said speaking on the Opposition's protest over the Parliament security breach incident.

"Some parties in a way voicing support to security breach in Parliament; it is as dangerous as the breach itself. Everyone believing in democracy should have jointly condemned security breach in Parliament," he said.

The Prime Minister expressed disappointment over the opposition's agenda, accusing them of undermining the constitution and parliamentary authority.

"We worked hard to get here. People supported us. Opposition's agenda is to disrespect the constitution and Parliamentary power and it’s sad," the PM said.

"We should not get shaken by the theatrics of opposition. We as a party will continue to work to respect the constitution and Parliamentary regulation and we will give respect to the mandate," he said.

Modi stated that while the INDI Alliance's objective is to throw out his government, his government's ambition is to build a prosperous future for the nation.

On Tuesday, the INDI alliance announced that the demand for Union Home Minister Amit Shah's statement on the Parliament breach incident will continue today and the suspended MPs will protest in front of the Gandhi statue in the Parliament premises.

On Monday, a record-breaking number of suspensions occurred in Parliament, with 78 Opposition MPs - 33 from Lok Sabha and 45 from Rajya Sabha - being suspended.

This comes after 14 Opposition MPs, 13 from Lok Sabha and one from Rajya Sabha, were suspended last week. This brings the total number of MPs suspended in this session to 92.

Kuldeep is Senior Editor (Newsroom) at Swarajya. He tweets at @kaydnegi.

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