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Three New Criminal Laws Come Into Effect: Five Highlights From Amit Shah's Press Conference

Nishtha Anushree

Jul 01, 2024, 02:06 PM | Updated 02:06 PM IST

Amit Shah
Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday (1 July) held a press conference on three new criminal laws that came into effect from today. Here are five highlights from what he said:

1. Swadeshi: He congratulated that after 77 years of independence, our criminal justice system is becoming completely 'Swadeshi' and will function on Indian ethos.

"Dand (punishment) will be replaced by Nyay (justice), delays will be replaced by speedy trial and speedy justice. Rights of police, victims and complainants will be safeguarded," he said.

2. Priorities: "The first priority has been given to (the chapters on) crimes against women and children. I believe that this was needed to be done much earlier," the Home Minister said.

"Now, gangrape will attract 20-year imprisonment or life imprisonment, rape of a minor will attract death penalty, a separate crime has been defined for sexual exploitation by hiding one's identity or making false promises," he added.

3. Ease: "A provision has been made to record statement of the victim at her home in the presence of women officers and her own family," Amit Shah said.

"Besides this, the facility of online FIR has been provided too; we believe that a lot of women can be saved from embarrassment this way," he added.

4. First case: "The first case (under the new laws) has been registered at a Police station in Gwalior. It was a case of theft, someone's motorcycle was stolen. The case was registered at 12.10 am," Shah said.

He denied that the first case was registered against a street vendor in Delhi and clarified that the case against the street vendor has not been affected by the new criminal laws.

5. Discussions: On the opposition's allegations that the laws were passed without proper discussions, Shah said, "9 hours and 29 minutes of discussions were held in Lok Sabha and 34 members participated in that."

"In Rajya Sabha, over 6 hours of discussions were held. 40 members participated in the discussions. It is also being falsely said that the Bill was brought after the members were sent out (suspended)," he said.

"Bill was already listed before the Business Advisory Committee. I firmly believe that the Opposition had been boycotting the House beforehand, perhaps they didn't want to participate (in discussions)," he added.

Nishtha Anushree is Senior Sub-editor at Swarajya. She tweets at @nishthaanushree.

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