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Congress V/S BJP In Madhya Pradesh Over Video Allegedly Showing Narendra Singh Tomar's Son Discussing Deals Worth Crores

Nishtha Anushree

Nov 14, 2023, 04:32 PM | Updated 04:32 PM IST

Devendra Singh Tomar
Devendra Singh Tomar

Commenting on a video that allegedly shows Narendra Singh Tomar's son involved in a negotiation worth Rs 500 crore, the Union Agriculture Minister said, "We shouldn't waste our time on false discussions", NDTV reported.

The video surfaced on Monday (13 November) putting the BJP in Madhya Pradesh in a defensive position. In the second video released this month, Devendra Singh Tomar can be seen discussing three different deals, valued at Rs 18 crore, Rs 21 crore, and Rs 100 crore.

The state leader of the BJP, VD Sharma, has dismissed the video as "fake" and alleged that the opposition party, lacking substantial concerns to address, deliberately released the clips to unsettle voters before the upcoming elections.

A complaint has been filed and an investigation is underway regarding the video. Sharma stated that using such tactics will not lead to winning elections. He further accused the Congress of being heavily involved in corruption, mentioning that officials had seized Rs 281 crore during the 15 months that the party was in power.

Tomar's son has also registered a police case and labeled the video as fake. Meanwhile, the Congress party has requested a probe by the Enforcement Directorate and have also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to comment on the issue.

During a press conference, Ragini Nayak, the spokesperson for the party, presented a second video to the reporters. Nayak stated that the state government of the BJP had become known for taking a 50 per cent commission.

This is to the corruption allegations made by the Congress against the BJP in Karnataka prior to the May election, where they referred to them as the "40 per cent Sarkar". The Congress party emerged victorious in the southern state, securing 135 out of 224 seats and defeating the BJP.

Nayak demanded that the BJP either provide clarification regarding the Devendra Singh Tomar video or dismiss it and if they fail to do so, it will be assumed that they are involved and support it.

If the video is proven to be false, it is crucial to identify the individual responsible for defaming the son of the Union Minister, she further said.

Rahul Gandhi, a Member of Parliament from the Congress party, has also seized upon the Tomar videos. During a rally in Bhopal, Gandhi accused the BJP of surpassing all corruption records.

He specifically mentioned Minister Tomar and commenting on an alleged video of his son discussing large sums of money, Gandhi questioned whose money it was, emphasising that it was the people's money being discussed.

He also declared Madhya Pradesh had become India's "corruption capital" under BJP rule. The Congress leader emphasised the party's demand for an investigation into the videos.

:Tomar's son, who is stealing money of farmers, the poor and labourers without hiding it, without fear and openly on a video call. Has Modi ji taken any action? Has ED, CBI, IT department taken action," he asked.

Nishtha Anushree is Senior Sub-editor at Swarajya. She tweets at @nishthaanushree.

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