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Intelligence Agencies Warn Of Potential Protests, Including By Manipur Groups, During Independence Day Celebrations At Red Fort

Swarajya News Staff

Aug 13, 2023, 01:03 PM | Updated 01:37 PM IST

Red Fort, New Delhi (Shajankumar/Wiki Commons)
Red Fort, New Delhi (Shajankumar/Wiki Commons)

Central intelligence agencies have issued warnings about potential protests during Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort.

They have specifically mentioned the Kuki and Meitei groups, as well as the possibility of "some anti-government elements" displaying flags, placards, and shouting slogans during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address and flag hoisting, as reported by The Indian Express.

A recent meeting was held by intelligence agencies in New Delhi to discuss the latest threat inputs and security preparedness for Independence Day.

The meeting included representatives from the Special Protection Group (SPG), the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), Delhi Police, and the Railway Protection Force (RPF).

Possible threats, including the protests mentioned earlier, were shared and discussed during the meeting.

One of the key points emphasised during the meeting was the proximity of Independence Day to the upcoming G20 Summit in Delhi. The meeting highlighted that any adversarial incident before or during the Independence Day celebration could have a negative impact on the country's image and preparedness to host the multilateral event.

The intelligence agencies also noted that there has been a history of various groups resorting to protests before or during important events in order to gain attention for their issues.

The Manipur situation, farmers' demands, the Uniform Civil Code, and issues related to labour or services were considered relevant from a security perspective for this year's event, an official told the newspaper.

Delhi Police and other security agencies have been reportedly advised to "coordinate with the police departments of neighbouring states to keep track of mobilisation and movement of potential protesters towards Delhi."

“The central intelligence agencies also warned about social media, which is being increasingly used for radicalisation and mobilising people, issuing threats to dignitaries and offering rewards for such actions,” the official said.

Central intelligence agencies discussed various key issues, including the direction given by a Pakistan-based operative associated with the Lashkar-e-Taiba to conduct reconnaissance of certain locations in Delhi. These locations include the headquarters of the National Investigation Agency and the Delhi Police.

A senior police officer has stated that adequate measures have been taken to avoid any untoward incidents.

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