Swarajya's ground reports reach the last mile — just like govt schemes

Anmol Jain

May 27, 2024, 07:25 PM | Updated 07:36 PM IST

Earlier in the day, a patron wrote to us.

Dear readers,

We're sure that by now you too know about the '50 Ground Reports' project of Swarajya. Such recurring heartwarming feedback from readers like you pushes us to do more. And better.

Apart from eternal gratitude, we promise you credible journalism.

So, in the coming week leading up to the results day, we will feature our colleagues who were on the ground contributing to the '50 Ground Reports' project.

Taking a cue from the above review, we start with Banuchandar Nagarajan who drove through the heartland stringing together the 'Hridayapath' series in 14 riveting dispatches.

He has stopped worrying about India's progress. Find out why in our feature below.

Have a good read!

- Anmol N Jain

Sutradhaar of Hridayapath series reached the last mile — just like govt schemes

Banuchandar Nagarajan in Domariyaganj, a small hamlet in Uttar Pradesh, talking to local women.
Banuchandar Nagarajan in Domariyaganj, a small hamlet in Uttar Pradesh, talking to local women.

The Sutradhaar of our Hridayapath series, Nagarajan Banuchandar has stopped worrying about India's progress — his words, not mine.

  • But don’t worry, we haven't lost him to the doomsday prophecies of a 'dying Idea of India'.

  • Quite the opposite! He believes we’re at the "beginning of the greatest human development success stories ever".

A Memorable Dispatch: Out of the 14 dispatches, Banuchandar found the one from Assam's Borgaon in the West Karbi Anglong particularly enriching.

His firsthand experience with last-mile delivery in this remote village justifies his optimism about India.

The changes are everywhere: from bustling Guwahati to the serene remote villages, Assam is witnessing new infrastructure, cultural initiatives, cash transfers, and good governance.

  • Guwahati’s Glow-Up: New flyovers, urban parks, and a ferry terminal. Cleanliness has skyrocketed. Sankardeva Road is the new hotspot with shiny malls and restaurants.

  • West Karbi Anglong: Villagers in this remote area are super savvy about govt schemes — PM Awas Yojana, Jal Jeevan Mission, Orunodoi scheme, PM Surya Ghar, etc.

  • Kaziranga: Not just about rhinos! Tea garden workers here enjoy new housing, better water supply, and Ayushman Bharat insurance. Plus, you can’t miss the premium 'white tea' from local stores.

Our Sutradhaar brought home some inspiring anecdotes:

  • Sarim Phangcho: He knows every govt scheme thanks to his smartphone and proactive village pradhan. He boasts to Banuchandar about 24/7 electricity — "Kids are able to study, and wives watch TV".

  • Pintu Bora: A small tea factory owner raves about the roads and water supply. He praises Tea Board’s support and credits PM Modi, "people feel that PM Modi loves Assam and they love him back."

Banuchandar Nagarajan says the people he met during his journey through the hinterlands made it memorable. Despite social ills, the inherent warmth and decency of common Indians shone through.

  • "Even in the remotest parts of India you can see the verve and the 'jazba' to do new things" — now we know why he's stopped worrying about India's progress.

  • He credits "open society, democracy, and good governance" for setting the stage — "just think about a billion and a half Indians availing of the opportunities presented by the times we live in."

Go Deeper: Read the stories of people whose lives have transformed and see for yourselves the impact of good governance through Banuchandar’s engaging narrative in the Hridayapath series.

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