Confrontation Without A Cause: How Leftist Intelligentsia Set Up Indian Muslims To Distrust Hindus And The State

Aravindan Neelakandan

Apr 17, 2020, 09:59 AM | Updated 09:59 AM IST

Anti-CAA protest turns violent. 
Anti-CAA protest turns violent. 
  • Why are Muslim-dominant localities witnessing attacks on health care workers?

    All the propaganda that leftists fed Indian Muslims, is now showing its effects on ground.
  • Yesterday, there was stone-pelting on doctors and policemen in Moradabad. This was when they had gone to an area to take a Covid-19 suspect, brother of a Covid-19 victim, to a quarantine facility.

    According to this report, the stone-pelting followed rumours ‘that some individuals would be picked up from the minority-populated area for testing and sent to quarantine centres “no less than detention camps” ‘.

    The violation of the national lock-down in Bandra, Mumbai, on Monday, has raised many questions as well.

    This had an eerie resemblance to what happened in Kerala on 30 March.

    That day, Kerala saw the largest intentional violation of the lockdown even as the State was battling to contain Covid-19.

    More than 2,000 migrant workers came to the streets in Kottayam district. The police soon discovered that the crowd had been instigated through what appeared to be a planned operation that involved sending alarmist messages to the migrant workers.

    The organisation behind the panic-rousing was, according to police suspicions, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), an Islamist party and part of the Popular Front of India (PFI), the organisation which had been spearheading the anti-CAA mob protests.

    In Malappuram district, the police arrested one Shakir, a local Youth Congress official, for spreading a fake message about trains being arranged for migrants to return home.

    The Kerala chief minister condemned the ‘anti-social elements‘, indirectly hinting at the SDPI.

    In his State, the Marxist-Islamist relationship alternates between cycles of camaraderie and violence. Right now, it is the bleeding phase of the cycle.

    In the larger, national picture though, leftist and Islamist politics share many things in common since long. And this has had disastrous consequences for the communal harmony of the nation.

    Politics of Subversion

    To understand this relationship, and its impact on the larger national polity, we must first distinguish Muslim politics from Islamist politics.

    Muslim politics is the politics of a minority community. Minority politics is a needed, healthy aspect in a democracy.

    Islamist politics, on the other hand, is the politics seeking monopolistic expansionism. It has a transnational agenda. It wants to make use of the liberal democratic system in India to push forward its own agenda of subverting that very system.

    Leftist politics in India follows a similar course.

    The quest for justice for the marginalised is an important and inalienable part of any healthy democracy. A leftist polity aiming for that provides checks and balances against unrestrained profit-seekers.

    But, this politics often channelises that quest for justice into a movement for a totalitarian and anti-democratic state. And to add to this, there are also concerns about an extra-territorial loyalty towards China.

    This subversive politics, common to Islamism and Leftism, have made them close comrades in action.

    Ayodhya to Anti-CAA

    If and when the true history of communal riots in India gets written, the role of the Marxists as a political force and an intellectual movement will not be what the leftists make it out to be.

    Rather, they would be considered as criminals against humanity, who should ideally be made to stand trial for misleading Muslims during the Ayodhya movement.

    Archaeologist Dr K.K.Muhammad has revealed how Muslims would have given the land in Ayodhya to Hindus, had the leftists not interfered.

    The leftist interference converted what could have been a movement uniting Hindu and Muslims into a conflict between two warring communities.

    Then of course, the leftist organisations came up with the high voltage propaganda that they were spreading communal harmony, while in fact supporting fundamentalist Islamist politics.

    The same is now true of leftist support to the anti-CAA movement.

    The persecuted religious minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are victims of Islamist politics in the larger Indic landmass. India has a responsibility, historical as well as humanistic, towards the Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, and Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

    Where would Sikhs threatened by ISIS in Afghanistan naturally go?




    And an ordinary average Muslim in India is neither inhuman nor historically ignorant to deny this fact.

    Once again, as in Ayodhya, it is the leftists, acting as the comrades of Islamists, who are misleading Indian Muslims and making them protest such refugees securing the most fundamental of human rights.

    The same way leftists ran the high voltage propaganda among Indian Muslims that the so-called Babri Masjid was not in fact standing on the ruins of a Hindu temple, they are now spreading the lie that the CAA discriminates against Indian Muslims and that they would be deprived of their citizenship.

    The result has been a mass anti-Modi hysteria.

    This is today getting channelised into a destructive behaviour during a pandemic.

    It is time the enlightened leadership in the community came forward. They should clearly differentiate between healthy Muslim politics needed for the community in India and the subversive Islamist politics.

    Muslims were ready to give the land in question in Ayodhya voluntarily, but they were dissuaded from doing so by the propaganda of eminent leftist intellectuals.

    Muslims will be ready to support the CAA, welcoming the persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan - but they are being deluded into a state of mass fear psychosis.

    Muslims are ready to cooperate with health officials but many of them are made to see the latter as villains.

    This is not a spontaneous development. It is only the effect of a sinister cause the leftist intelligentsia took up decades ago.

    Aravindan is a contributing editor at Swarajya.

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