PM Modi Criticises Congress Over 'Your Grave Will Be Dug' Remark, Says Opposition Restless and Desperate

Swarajya Staff

Apr 06, 2023, 02:12 PM | Updated 02:12 PM IST

PM Modi
PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (6 April) said that BJP is the only party that works towards helping every Indian, unlike the opposition that only talks about social justice.

He made the remarks while addressing a gathering on the occasion of the 44th foundation day of BJP.

Referring to the Congress slogans of "Modi Teri Kabr Khudegi" (Modi, Your Grave Will Be Dug) at a recent demonstration, he said the opposition is restless and "very desperate" but can't defeat BJP in 2024 as every section of the society is behind the party.

The BJP is determined to combat corruption, nepotism, and law and order challenges in the country, PM Modi said. He added that BJP draws inspiration from Lord Hanuman, the Hindu god who is revered for his devotion, strength and courage.

"Today India, like Lord Hanuman, is much more prepared in fighting challenges. Our party takes inspiration from Hanumanji. We can be tough at times like Lord Hanuman, but we are also compassionate and humble," PM Modi said.

PM Modi said the BJP has led a new political culture. He attacked Congress and other such parties and blamed them for nepotism, casteism, and regionalism. “...the BJP’s culture is to take everyone along. Congress and other such parties dream small and celebrate even smaller victories. The BJP’s culture is to have big dreams,” he was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

Modi said in 2014, there was not just a change of government.

“After 800 years of slavery, the country has risen again. The challenges are reducing," PM Modi said.

He said the British quit India in 1947 but left behind the mindset of slavery in its new leaders.

“These people thought they were entitled to rule. They have always considered the people of the country as their slaves," he said.

He added having lost the battle, the opposition, has resorted to the only solution it is left with.

“So now these people are so disappointed that they are openly saying ‘Modi teri kabr khudegi [your grave will be dug]’.

"These people with the royal mindset do not realise that the people are behind the BJP. These parties will continue to conspire against us," he said.

PM Modi urged party workers to engage in the party's week-long social harmony campaign starting from 6 to 14 April, the birth anniversary of Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

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