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'PM Modi Undermining State Rights And Federalism' Says Tamil Nadu CM Stalin In His 'Speaking For India' Podcast

S Rajesh

Oct 31, 2023, 04:41 PM | Updated 04:41 PM IST

MK Stalin and Narendra Modi
MK Stalin and Narendra Modi

In the third episode of his 'Speaking for India' podcast, Chief Minister MK Stalin accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of undermining federalism and state rights.

He said that Prime Minister Modi was a vocal supporter of state rights when he was the chief minister of Gujarat but had changed his stance after becoming Prime Minister and now he does not like the first line of the Constitution, which states, "India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States."

Further, he said that India is a 'magnificent garden made up of a variety of flowers', i.e., the country has multiple religions, cultures and languages and because of this, the makers of the Constitution decided to have a federal government.

He added that the centralising nature of the Modi government was visible through issues like the replacement of the Planning Commission with the NITI Aayog and the introduction of GST.

He concluded the episode by urging the listeners to vote for the I.N.D.I.A bloc in the 2024 Parliamentary elections.

S Rajesh is Staff Writer at Swarajya.

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