Watch: The Unsung Heroes Of Kargil Who Braved It All And How

The Kargil war was perhaps the first one in India to truly capture the imagination of the Indian people. This might have had to do with the war having taken place during the television age, with satellites beaming the conflict directly into people’s living rooms. It forever disrupted India’s faith in the ability of a civilian Pakistani government to rein in the Pakistani armed forces. It turned journalists covering the war into celebrities and politicians into heroes.

Within all these macro paradigms that emerged during the war, quite often the stories of the specific people who helped India expunge the Pakistani infiltrators were forgotten.

As a corrective measure, the Indian Army has created a short docu-drama film, titled The Lion of Ladakh – The Untold Story of Kargil, a recreation of the capture of Chorbat La.


The film follows the story of Maha Veer Chakra recipient Colonel Sonam Wangchuk and his role in the Ladakh Scouts regiment. It presents the challenges, both internal and external, faced by the sons of the soil while fighting in the rough terrains of Ladakh.

The Lion of Ladakh mixes archival footage, interviews with personnel, a stellar voice-over narration and panoramic shots of the Ladakh region to bring to life an oft-forgotten tale of valour and bravery.

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