'Civilians Are Looting Hamas Bases': Israeli Defence Minister As He Claims Hamas No Longer In Control Of Gaza

Bhuvan Krishna

Nov 14, 2023, 12:12 PM | Updated 12:11 PM IST

An Israeli Merkava tank near Gaza Strip. (THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty)
An Israeli Merkava tank near Gaza Strip. (THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty)

The Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant has claimed that Hamas has "lost control in Gaza" following a month-long conflict initiated by a surprise attack, with over 500 rockets fired by the Palestinian group.

The minister asserted that terrorists are fleeing southward, and civilians are reportedly looting Hamas bases.

The Gaza war, labeled the bloodiest ever, started on 7 October when Hamas fighters crossed the border into Israel, resulting in approximately 1,200 deaths, mostly civilians, and around 240 people taken hostage.

The deputy health minister in Gaza mentioned that hospitals in the north are "out of service" due to energy shortages, with reported deaths, including premature babies, in Al Shifa hospital.

Gaza has been under near-total Israeli siege, facing shortages of food, fuel, and basic supplies. The Palestinian prime minister called on the European Union and the United Nations to provide aid.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested a potential deal to free hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

However, details were not disclosed to avoid jeopardising the plan.

Although a Palestinian official in Gaza blamed Netanyahu for delays and obstacles in reaching an agreement on the release of prisoners.

In response to an anti-tank missile injuring Israeli civilians near the border, Israeli fighter jets targeted Hezbollah hideouts in southern Lebanon.

Tensions escalated between Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah, with near-daily exchanges of fire since 8 October, raising concerns about a broader regional conflict.

Bhuvan Krishna is Staff Writer at Swarajya.

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