Jihad Meets The Crusades: This Is The New Global Nexus, And US Is Inseparable From It

Islamic State fighters (Day Donaldson/Flickr)
  • The Ummah-Crusade alliance came to the fore in the so-called Arab Spring or ‘Color Revolution’.

Recent news reports are showing that Indian Americans are strongly in favour of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America (US). Given that the Electoral College elects the President, and each US State has College delegates proportional to its population, even a 0.2 per cent lead is a landslide victory. Indian Americans may very well constitute this difference.

The question, however, is, how well-informed are this group, who despite their indubitable education and access to information, depend largely on CNN and other US news channels on what the result implies for them in the short term and to India in the longer term?

The US mainstream media’s rampage against the myriad boorish transgressions of the attention-loving Republican Party nominee for the US Presidency, Donald Trump, has effectively squelched the debate about Clinton’s record, and her plans.


Indians will be pleased to consider President Barack Obama’s appointment of Rajiv Shah as Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This was after Clinton became Secretary of State (SoS) and her initial USAID appointee failed to get through Congress. The young Shah had directed agriculture for the Gates Foundation. He distinguished himself in his response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, in the 2012 aid to refugees fleeing Syria and later in implementing Power Africa in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Against this success, Indian Americans should view Clinton’s early appointment of Richard Holbrooke, her election campaign’s lead foreign policy adviser, as envoy to “South Asia and Afghanistan”. Holbrooke, who passed away in 2010, was specifically rejected by India because of his penchant for exerting pressure on India to give up Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan. Subsequent initiatives have been much less obvious but arguably far more sinister.

Uniting Europe


Clinton took over a US State Department where her allies had already established a clear record. Back in 2006, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom had allied with conversionist extremists in the State Department to block Narendra Modi, then Gujarat chief minister, from visiting the US on blatantly false premises. It was retaliation for Modi’s support for and enforcement of anti-conversion legislation that stymied illegal conversion campaigns in Gujarat’s Dang tribal areas.

In 2008, the US State Department encouraged Georgia’s Mikheil Saakashvili to invade South Ossetia, destroying the populated centre of Tshinkvali with hundreds of civilian deaths. Russia’s hurried but decisive response led to the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The State Department gang shifted its attention to Ukraine, overthrowing the elected government and installing a regime fronted by neo-Nazis but backed by the tiny but American-enriched Baptist minority. Attempts to get Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), made famous by assistant SoS Victoria Nuland’s “F**k the EU” comment, have so far resulted in Crimea and much of the eastern Donbass region being liberated from the Kiev regime’s control, with the future of Mariupol and Odessa in serious doubt.

Saakashvili is now a minister in Ukraine, having fled Georgia. Efforts to induce anti-Russian provocations by Moldavia and Lithuania have been much more productive, although these nations have not been destroyed yet.


Reconstructing The Middle East

Clinton’s roles in the Middle East have had far more impact. The apparent record of incompetence cited by Trump comes into focus when seen in a different framework. That framework is the ancient Shia-Sunni feud dating from the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

Through the end of the twentieth century, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), unquestioned leader of the Sunni Islam world, chafed under the humiliating role of a rich but powerless and disrespected vassal state of the West. Teeth-gritting Saudi servility to the West contrasted with their treatment of non-Muslims from other nations like India. As much as the US talked of the KSA as an ally and sold expensive weapons such as F-15 aircraft and M1A1 Abrams tanks to them, it was clear that archenemy Israel was very much the US’s darling. The KSA, in turn, spread oil revenue liberally through the halls of Congress, the State Department and the power families of the US – including both the Bush family and the Clinton family. The 9/11 terror attacks threatened to expose some of these connections, but having managed to suppress media revelations by classifying inquiry commission findings, KSA’s confidence grew. Like the People’s Republic of China, they have found that money buys silence in the US.

Pay To Play

Several links have been identified between the Clinton Foundation and the KSA, with every reason to suspect a massive exchange of money and influence. “Pay to Play” is the new term about influencing US government decisions. While Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York, famously rejected Saudi donations to rehabilitate New York after the terror attacks, the Clintons had no such qualms. Nor, it would appear, did top Republicans, judging by their muted responses.

It seems apparent that Hillary Clinton has sold her influence to the Sunni Ummah’s KSA-led grand designs for world domination. Her top aide, former assistant SoS Huma Abedin is a well-known and articulate advocate for fundamentalist Islam, having come out in strong support of practices like women wearing burkhas. No wonder; her mother is an Associate Professor of Islam in Saudi Arabia, where fundamentalist Wahhabi strain is the only interpretation permitted. The shabby treatment meted out to Indian diplomats, culminating in the Dr Devyani Khobragade incident that eventually moved the Indian response, can be traced to Abedin’s office.

Note that the incident was tied to conversionist activities of the US Embassy in Delhi, and to a Khalistani organisation in New York, with inevitable questions on the ties of Manhattan Prosecutor Preet (Singh) Bharara.

The Ummah Meets The Crusades

The Ummah-Crusade alliance came to the fore in the so-called Arab Spring or ‘Color Revolution’. The public perception was of a massive spontaneous uprising coordinated only through cellphone texts and tweets. Techies recognise the massive computer science efforts to study, design and influence “many-peer-to-many-peer networks”, funded by the Central Intelligence Agency. The monolithic power structures of Arab governments collapsed, helpless in the face of such onslaughts. But what filled the vacuum of chaos? Most certainly not democratic governments. Egypt appears to have recovered enough to re-establish a military government. Mysteriously, in places without US support to the “color revolutionaries”, these wonderfully democratic electronic devices have had no success. Minority attempts to demand rights by Shias in Bahrain were brutally crushed. In Pakistan, there have been none at all, nor in the KSA or Qatar.

In other nations, the chaos has led inexorably to takeovers by the Islamic State (IS), or essentially, Wahhabi extremist Islamic terrorism – burkhas, acid bulbs, lashings, electric drills into faces and genitals, amputations, beheadings, flamethrowers into cages, drownings in cages, cages left out in the desert sun, and of course, plain, old-fashioned rape, sodomy and slavery.

Iraq, a decade after the US invasion, eventually conducted elections which brought a representative government that reflected its majority Shia population. Not an acceptable result to the KSA. The US mysteriously invented a clause that said US forces were to be immune to Iraqi law as a condition for continuing to provide ‘protection’. This was used as an excuse to pull US troops and air support out, on a well-announced schedule, just as the IS mysteriously rose all over Iraq.

Who is the IS?

This question, asked by bewildered people on several internet fora, all led inexorably to the same inevitable and horrifying conclusion that the Russians have recently said in public: Islamic terrorist goon gang, funded, armed and trained by entities purporting to represent the United States of America and Great Britain. There is simply no other explanation. For instance, Houthi rebels and their ragtag Yemeni Army have managed to beat back the Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates’ Sunni armies invading their country and even enter Saudi Arabia. Many times, the Saudis have simply left their M1A1 tanks and run for their lives. The Yemenis, however, have never been able to use these weapons, or turn them around to shoot at the Saudis. Why? Oh, well, experts say, they are not trained. The weapons have locks, and the tanks have authentication protocols and codes that must be entered to operate them. The Houthis, accordingly, always blow up these weapon systems worth hundreds of millions of dollars rather than use them.

So, why are the IS goons able to operate thousands of shiny new M1A1 tanks, TOW anti-tank missiles, HUMVEE personnel carriers, rifles and other weapons that they have “captured” from fleeing or captured Iraqi soldiers? In several Iraqi cities, the soldiers were simply betrayed and abandoned, along with massive numbers of brand new vehicles and weapons. The IS seemingly has no trouble at all in operating those – after decapitating the captured soldiers.

Second, early reports spoke of the Israeli artillery and air force targeting Syrian border forces who were under attack from the IS. Why would the Israelis help and support extremist Islamic terrorists, using US-taxpayer-funded, US-built, US-supplied weapon systems, except under coordinated orders from Washington? And that too when the Syrians posed no threat to Israel and were trying to survive within their borders? One reason may be Syria’s significant oil reserves, including massive new finds reported in the Golan Heights. Until the Russian Air Force came in, the Israelis continued to intrude and attack government soldiers and facilities inside Syria, with no provocation at all.

Third, early news reports spoke of long trainloads of tanks and artillery making their way across Turkey to the Syrian border – meant not to fight against IS, but for IS to use in fighting the Syrian army. Likewise, IS recruiters were operating in Turkish towns and villages as openly as the Lashkar-e-Taiba used to operate and recruit in Lahore, Pakistan, and Oslo, Norway. Then, journalists started getting murdered in Turkey, and the news reports stopped. At the border, several news reports spoke of Turkish troops firing on Syrians when the latter were under attack from the IS.

Evidence since then has become clearer. The IS was able to operate a thriving oil trade. Thousands of oil tanker trucks wended their way daily across hundreds of miles of desert roads, to shipping terminals where their oil was sold on tanker ships or into pipeline terminals. The money went into the banking system to fund the IS. The US and the NATO, with all their satellites, drone unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, jet fighters and infrared night vision, and with Saudi ground knowledge of the oil market and banking, pleaded complete inability to detect, much less wipe out, any of this.

All this went on blatantly from 2012 to late 2015 when the Russian Air Force started spoiling the party. Most recently, frustrated by the four-year desperately heroic defence of the garrison in Deir-ez-Zor by some 300 Syrian defenders, the US finally acted: a superbly-coordinated air attack that killed at least 70 Syrian soldiers and destroyed their equipment at high points – seven minutes before the IS attack came in a massive wave that captured the high points. Oh! A mistake! Of course! With intercepted communications making clear the coordination between the air strike and the ground attack coordinators. The growing frustration with the imminent liberation of Aleppo, where, according to the Western media, the entire ground in the terrorist-held quarters is all children’s hospitals, highlights the blatant sponsorship of Islamic Sunni terrorism by the US and NATO.

Clinton has not forgotten the other side of her agenda. Recently, her cohorts showed their bitter hatred against Catholics – a trademark of the conversionists. Well established and deeply respected, Catholic nationalists in India can take little comfort from a Clinton win – much of Tamil Nadu and Andhra, most of Assam and the Northeast, and increasing portions of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and Maharashtra have extremely active conversionist movements. Their love for Catholics is evident in places such as Northern Ireland – no less fratricidal a divide than the Shia-Sunni divide.

So why would the US State Department tolerate an Islamist influx into Europe? This appears to be the Great Game in its twenty-first-century version. The veritable invasions are mostly into Catholic areas of Europe, or into nations that are not much in favour in Washington, DC. These are the nations for which Nuland declared her affection with her famous “F**k the EU!” declaration.

The LoC at the Vindhyas?

What does all this imply for India? Clinton and her evangelist or conversionist forces appear to have made a Faustian bargain with the Sunni Wahhabi Ummah, similar to how the Pope divided the loot and rape of South America between Spain and Portugal centuries ago. The Middle East is to be enslaved by the KSA, with their minions Qatar and their military or technological ally, Turkey. Shia Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq are to be destroyed; Israel allowed to survive until the Ummah’s nukes are ready. All of North and Central Africa will come under the Caliphate. Clinton has no affection for Africans, whether in Africa or the US. Defeated in the US election, in her own party, by an African American whom she tried to knock out of the campaign as being Kenyan-born. The utter humiliation of having to ‘serve under’ the same African American for three years. Her revenge is on all Africa.

Europe? The Ummah is welcome to the obnoxious ingrates. England, where the Clintons spent a few happy years as Rhodes Scholars, a stepping stone to success, has been helped to secede from the European Union.

And Asia? Beyond some noises about outreach, and the news that her Director for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (an entire hemisphere) quit in March 2016, her campaign exhibits few Asian American leaders. Traditional Benign Neglect Of The Wogs, or worse? Why bother when the Asians are terrified by the Republicans and going to vote for her anyway? Her initial attempt to foist Richard Holbrooke as Viceroy for India is most illustrative. Sure, she visited India with her fast-switched grin and wore a sari, and that’s enough to thrill most Indians. Most Pakistanis supported Obama in 2008 because he was the first US Senator to be able to say “Paahkistaahn” instead of “Pack-e-stan”! Never mind that he was saying: “We must bomb the terrorists inside Paahkistaahn!” Now Pakistanis, who already occupy many mid-level positions in the State Department, can look to a glorious future.

A Line of Control at the Vindhyas, separating the Ummah’s Caliphate from the Crusaders’ Born-Again Lands of Sheep would perpetuate a nice market for US weapons. And Indian Americans can rightfully take credit for her victory.

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