Singhu: Days After Brutally Murdering A Dalit Man, Group Of Nihang Sikhs Breaks Leg Of Dalit Poultry Worker For Refusing Free Chicken

Swarajya Staff

Oct 22, 2021, 08:26 AM | Updated 09:55 AM IST

Nihang Sikhs Attack A Poultry Worker (Republic)
Nihang Sikhs Attack A Poultry Worker (Republic)

Days after brutally murdering a Dalit man at the farmer's protest site at Singhur near Delhi for alleged desecration of a Sikh 'holy book', a group of Nihang Sikhs attacked a poultry farm worker on Thursday (Oct 21).

Manoj Paswan, a Dalit poultry farm worker, was passing through the protest site in his vehicle carrying hens when he was stopped by a group of Nihangs. They demanded a free hen from Paswan. When Paswan denied it, he was assaulted and his leg broken. The incident happened behind the main stage at the Singhu border.

Narrating the incident, Paswan said, "One Sikh came and asked me for a chicken. I said I can't give, I have a limited number of chickens. Just over this, he started beating me up with a stick. They hit me so much, a man who attempted to save me was also beaten. He was a blue dress Sikh (Nihang). After that my owner came, more public gathered, but that man did not stop. I had fallen to the ground, after many appeals he stopped. I am a labourer, I don't know how long I won't be able to walk."

On Oct 15, a mutilated body of Lakhbir Singh, a Dalit man from Punjab's Tarn Taran, was found at the Singhur border. Lakhbir Singh was tied to a barricade and his hand was chopped off. Nihang Sikhs admitted to brutally lynching the man and claimed he was killed for committing 'sacrilege' of 'holy book' of SIkhs. They were felicitated at a guruduwara before surrendering to police

On Republic day, a mob of sword wielding Nihangs went on a rampage in New Delhi in an attempt to disrupt Republic Day celebrations.

In April 2020, a group of Nihangs attacked police officials and cut off the hand of one of the officers at a vegetable market in Punjab’s Patiala during the COVID-19 nationwide restrictions.

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