An Appeal From Swarajya

An Appeal From SwarajyaSwarajya Heritage Program

Dear Reader,

Today I want to talk to you about our heritage program. We launched the program last year and are planning to convert it into a premium subscription in the next few weeks.

In the last 12 months we've published over 50 articles on heritage related issues. We've sent reporters travelling hundreds of kilometres, interviewed dozens of stakeholders and even took nearly 200 of our readers on heritage trips. You can review our heritage coverage in this link.

Our latest print issue on Sabarimala and other related controversies focuses on why governments must get out of temple administration. We've covered the issue from a wide variety of angles and geographies including Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka  - please do take a look. (This is just one example of our heritage program's output)

Dear reader, we are the only mainstream Indian publication that has taken up the challenge of creating awareness about the gross mismanagement of Indian heritage.

Under the yoke of government bureaucrats, and now courts, Indian temple and art ecosystems are being slowly killed. We need to shout, cry and make a big fuss about this - we cannot afford to not celebrate our Indic heritage, we cannot afford to not promote our cultural ecosystems and generate wealth for all stakeholders. This is an issue that is at the heart of everyone at Swarajya.

We want to continue and even double down our coverage of heritage but we need your support to be able to do this more effectively. It takes a lot of money and patience to get these stories right so we're counting on your support here.

Would you consider buying a sponsorship under the heritage program? You can contribute as little as Rs 2,999 to as much as Rs 49,999.

If you contribute Rs 19,999 or more we'll give you a FREE ticket worth Rs 14,999 on a Swarajya Heritage trip of your choice, subject to availability.

Click here to contribute.

Counting on your support,

Amar Govindarajan
Publisher, Swarajya


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