Introducing The 100 Videos Project: Swarajya Heritage Goes Video

Introducing The 100 Videos Project: Swarajya Heritage Goes VideoSwarajya Heritage program_2019

Dear Reader,

How are you? For those of us at Swarajya we're in the beginning of November, the month in which we plan, announce, and campaign for the next 12 months of Indic Heritage related projects.

For the last two years, we've tackled projects such as highlighting the need to get government out of temple management, the neglect of heritage sites and the general mismanagement overall.

This year we want to continue doing these stories - except with one change. This year we want to go 'video'. 100 videos, to be precise.

We're embarking on a mission to produce and publish 100 informative videos that will educate, entertain and encourage readers to visit great Indic sites of heritage. All this in the next 12 months.

It's a nudge towards #BharatDekho - like the Prime Minister says, why not visit 15 great places in India?

We're beginning this mission with a special road trip that will cover incredible sites of Indian antiquity such as Penukonda, Hampi, Bhopal, Indore, Sanchi and finally, Varanasi. This effort begins this month.

Dear Reader, as always this project will remain reader-funded. If this is something that excites and interests you please consider contributing - your contributions are what makes this possible.

You can contribute as little as Rs 2,999 by clicking here.

For a contribution of Rs 4,999 you get a mini-book hamper, for Rs 9,999 you get a mega book-hamper.

If you contribute Rs 14,999 and above you get 50% of your contribution as CASHBACK towards Swarajya Heritage Trip Ticket charges that can be used against any of the tours we will do in 2019-20.

So, please consider backing us. Here's a sample of our what we've done last year - do take a look and let us know what you think.

Click here to contribute.


Amar Govindarajan
Publisher, Swarajya


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