Swarajya Heritage Tour To  Maharashtra’s Magnificent Monolithic Marvels At Ellora

Swarajya Heritage Tour To  Maharashtra’s Magnificent Monolithic Marvels At ElloraRock Cut temple at Ellora
  • Come, join us on a three day tour to Ellora, the site that is home to the most awe-inspiring rock-cut monolithic marvels of India.

‘Kailasavasa gaureesha eesha’ ...these words in the voice of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi may have referred to the boundless Kailasa mountains. But if one witnesses the Kailasha temple at Ellora, one sure does feel like Shiva is spoilt for choice. Such is its grandeur, that one can only be amazed at the architectural excellence of the ones who carved the three-storeyed top-down carved monolithic rock cut temple.

Swarajya Heritage tours would like to begin this new year on an architecturally grand note by visiting this monument which is said to be among the most famous ones at Ellora.

The heritage sites at Ellora are said to be one of the most complex structures ever made by man, as these caves redefine the notion of ‘monolithic’ with their multi-storeyed temples, rock-cut bridges, life-sized figurines and unmatched sculptures, all of whom had been chiseled out of the rocks by the hands of unknown craftsmen.

Swarajya invites you to begin the new year’s travel trail with a three day sojourn to the sculptural sanctuaries of cave temple architecture in India. Led by our renowned columnist and heritage expert Shefali Vaidya, this tour will cover the best of Ellora’s many caves – the famous Kailashnath temple, and the Rameshwar and Dhumar Lena caves, which depict some of the masterpieces of their times.

This tour will begin with a visit to Aurangabad’s local highlights including the Bibi Ka Maqbara and conclude with a visit to one of India’s mightiest forts, the Devagiri fort. If time permits, we will also visit the Chatrapati Shivaji Museum.

Join us on this trip to the magnificient monolithic marvels of Maharashtra.

Details of the trip are available here.

For more details, write to us at heritage@swarajyamag.com or call us at +91-888-082-0044


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