Swarajya Heritage Tours: A Year End Voyage To Vijayanagara, The City Of Victory

Swarajya Heritage Tours: A Year End Voyage To Vijayanagara, The City Of VictoryHampi’s iconic stone chariot (Ram Nagesh Thota/Wiki Commons)
  • Come, join us on a three day tour to Hampi, the capital of one of the most glorious empires of India.

“The city is such that the pupil of the eye has never seen a place like it, and ear of intelligence has never been informed that existed anything to equal it in the World.”

This is how Persian chronicler Abdul Razaak described the city of Vijayanagara, whose ruins are known as Hampi.

The greatest of all Hindu capitals of the southern half of the country, Krishnadevaraya’s Vijayanagara was plundered by the Deccan sultanates and destroyed to lie in ruins forever. And whatever is left of it today is a testimony to its glorious past.

No one can have enough of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, as it is not just a historic site but a venue where every sight is a moment to be captured. The sunset at Hampi is as picturesque as the mammoth Narasimha that is characteristic of the city. Over three days, you can witness all these sights and soak in the imperial grandeur of Hampi along with some curated cultural experiences.

And to top it we have experts, Prof Madhusudhanan Kalaichelvan, an architect, conservationist, painter, epigraphist and Dr. Raghavendra Rao H Kulkarni, a well-known expert of art history, whose passionate telling of the tales of this glorious township of yore is sure to take one back to the times of Krishnadevaraya.

Come, join us this December to the land of the Tungabhadra and be awed by these imprints of time.

Details of this trip are available here.

Looking forward to having you on board.

Dates: December 22- 25

Duration: 3 Nights 3 Days

Departure: Bengaluru

Cost: Rs 14,999

Contact: heritage@swarajyamag.com; +91- 9632138005


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