Tooryanaad, started in 2012, was brought into existence with a vision to bring a revolution. It had a distinct and unique idea of popularising Hindi as a revered language and style of living. After its successful completion of 6 years, Tooryanaad 2018 is about to kickstart with its characteristic charm to enthrall people.

Here, we present before you 8 reasons why you should attend Tooryanaad :

The Hulk: Tooryanaad is undoubtedly the biggest Hindi event organised by any university in the world. Tooryanaad 2017 saw the presence of thousands of zealous students from various universities. Several competitions organised under the umbrella of Tooryanaad attract huge footfalls. The competitive and engaging atmosphere is sure to pep up your spirits.


No hidden charges: There is absolutely no participation fee for the event. Each competition is free of cost. This is definitely an attractive deal you could have, with nothing to lose.

No Discrimination: Tooryanaad aims at promoting harmony amongst the citizens of India. There are no reservations pertaining to the participants belonging to a particular institute. In line with its idea, any student from any university can participate in the event.

What could be better than REWARDS: What could be more enticing than receiving recognition for your talent and efforts? Yes, the winners of all the competitions in Tooryanaad will get exciting cash prizes and a certificate of participation.


Talk about Future: Join us in the intellectual and interactive talk about how Hindi can be the language of digital India.

The Guests: You'll get opportunities to attend amazing seminars by extraordinary personalities such as Manoj Srivastava, Vijay Manohar Tiwari and many more.

Events: You will find several events of varied interests, all of them having the same motto of promoting Hindi language and Indian culture. These events can be categorised into four broad ones: Technical events, Intellectual Events, Cultural Events and Recreational Events. Guest lectures are also a part of this mega event.


Samyojan Bhasha aur Takneek ka Samagam, which means the amalgamation of Hindi language with Technology, Pragyan - the Intellectual event, Paridhanika - The indigenous fashion show, one and first of its kind, Chakravyuh - an event based on the lines of Treasure Hunt, are the major USPs of Tooryanaad, to name a few.

The Participants: Meet the enthusiastic, patriotic, intellectual and energetic young students from universities and colleges across India. Tooryanaad taps into the talent pool of India to bring the best out of them.

And the best part is, it is open to all. If you have not registered as a participant, worry not, because you can still attend the event and be an integral part of it.


So, do join us on 14, 15 and 16th of September for Tooryanaad '18.

Register at www.tooryanaad.in

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