From Forms Of Warfare To Security Strategy, Here Are Three Things CDS Anil Chauhan Said About Creation Of Integrated Theatre Commands

Ujjwal Shrotryia

Jul 17, 2023, 01:27 PM | Updated 01:32 PM IST

Chief of Defence Staff, General Anil Chauhan.
Chief of Defence Staff, General Anil Chauhan.

The Indian Armed Forces are moving towards operationalising integrated theatre commands, with the first Jaipur-based theatre command expected to be rolled-out on Independence Day (15 August).

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Anil Chauhan, recently addressed the inauguration ceremony of the Defence Research and Development Organisation Director conclave, held at New Delhi.

In the inauguration ceremony, the CDS talked about theaterisation and how the forces need to adapt to the rapidly changing forms of warfare, especially when the international geo-political environment is in a state of deep flux.

With all the three services onboard on 99 per cent of the new proposed plan, here are the three key points he made about the new joint theatre commands and the evolution of national security strategy, amid fluid geo-political environment.

1. Theaterisation Is The Most Fundamental Change Happening In The Armed Forces

The CDS, on the integrated theatre commands said that, "It is one of the most ambitious changes with far reaching implications attempted post-independence. The start of this journey depends on the right steps taken towards joint-ness and integration.”

He said that theaterisation will allow integration of niche capabilities of the three services, which otherwise would have remained in-silos, allowing effective response along the entire spectrum of conflict.

"Theaterisation is a concept that seeks to integrate the capabilities of the three services — Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy — and utilise their resources for wars and operations", the CDS General Chuahan said, adding that, "the creation of tri-service theatre-specific structures will allow effective response along the entire spectrum of conflict."

2. Adoption Of New Emerging Technologies To Win Future Wars

The Russia-Ukraine war has shown the effective use of emerging-technologies of suicide-drones for use in both tactical and long-range warfare.

General Chauhan asked the forces to be mobile in adopting emerging technologies.

He said, "superiority in technology and tactics is the need of the hour and Indian Armed Forces are investing in new technologies to win engagements."

3. Evolution In National Security Strategy Is A Must

Due to Western countries taking sides with Ukraine and China cautiously moving towards Russia, while the rest of the world is desperately trying to navigate the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, the international geo-political environment is in flux.

He warned that the National Security Strategy cannot remain fixed and has to be in-line with the changing geo-political situation.

The CDS remarked, "International geo-politics was in a flux and the national strategy should aim to absorb the changes in such a way that it meets challenges and exploits opportunities."

He further stressed on the need of the entire military-industrial and political structures to “perform, reform, transform, inform and conform to meet the emerging challenges.”

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