Hyderabad Secures Adani Group's Rs 1,500 Crore Investment, To Become India's Defence Manufacturing Hub

V Bhagya Subhashini

Jan 15, 2024, 11:43 AM | Updated 11:43 AM IST

Defence Manufacturing Hub (X)
Defence Manufacturing Hub (X)

In a strategic manoeuvre, private Indian companies are increasingly engaging in partnerships with defence sector PSUs, boosting Hyderabad's potential as a key weapons manufacturing hub.

The Adani Group is investing Rs 1,500 crore in Hyderabad over the next two to three years, focusing on missile and unmanned vehicle production.

Ashish Rajvanshi, Adani Defence and Aerospace CEO highlighted Hyderabad's growing importance, stating, “Hyderabad is set to become a centre for missiles and unmanned capabilities for Adani Group.”

Adani's ambitious initiatives encompass the manufacturing of long-range missiles, naval missiles, next-generation anti-radiation missiles, and Rudram-2 hypersonic missiles in Hyderabad.

Rajvanshi stated, "Unmanned systems for ground and water are the next focal point for the Adani group," further emphasising their involvement in the MAKE-2 program for the Indian Navy, focusing on the development of an unmanned ground vehicle designed to alleviate infantry stress.

Rajvanshi also revealed Adani's intentions to produce long-range missiles, naval missiles, next-generation anti-radiation missiles, and Rudram-2 hypersonic missiles in Hyderabad.

The company is actively collaborating with DRDO for the DCPP (development cum production partner) program. Within an impressive 18-month timeframe, they have successfully developed a world-class unmanned launched precision-guided missile.

Additionally, Adani has initiated work on counter-drone systems in Hyderabad, showcasing its commitment to cutting-edge defence technologies. This positions Hyderabad as a pivotal player in the nation's evolving defence landscape.

The city's transformation into a key weapons manufacturing hub appears imminent, given the substantial investments and collaborative efforts currently underway. A recent milestone in this endeavour was the unveiling of the Drishti 10 ‘Starliner,’ India’s first indigenously manufactured Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), by Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar at Adani Aerospace Park in Hyderabad, underscoring the city's growing role in defence innovation.

According to Adani Defence and Aerospace's press release, the UAV is an advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platform with 36 hours of endurance, a 450 kg payload capacity, and STANAG 4671 certification, enabling it to fly in both segregated and unsegregated airspace, reports Economic Times.

This strategic collaboration between private entities and defence sector PSUs marks a significant stride toward enhancing India's defence capabilities and fostering self-reliance in critical areas.

V Bhagya Subhashini is a staff writer at Swarajya. She tracks infrastructure developments.

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