The Swarajya - Indic Academy Webinar: Aroup Chatterjee On ‘Mother Teresa: The Untold Story’ 

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Swarajya in collaboration with Indic Academy is pleased to announce a webinar with Aroup Chatterjee. Abhinav Agarwal, curator of the Indic Book Club will Chatterjee’s book, ‘Mother Teresa: The Untold Story’ with the author himself.

About The Guest:

Dr. Aroup Chatterjee has spent a good part of his life challenging the myth of Mother Teresa as the benevolent saviour of the masses of Kolkata. His works also challenged the way the West recognises Mother Teresa, making him one of the most vocal critics of the former head of the Missionaries of Charity.

As Mother Teresa’s canonization draws near, Dr. Chatterjee expects to restart a dialogue about her legacy.

Most of his research on Mother Teresa’s work and funding is catalogued in a book titled The Final Verdict which was published in 2003. In the book Dr. Chatterjee documented him discovering a “cult of suffering” in homes run by Mother Teresa’s organization, the Missionaries of Charity, with children tied to beds, reusing of hypodermic needles and dying patients being comforted by aspirin.

Earlier in 1994, Dr. Chatterjee came in contact with Bandung Productions, a company owned by the writer and filmmaker Tariq Ali. The conversation between them led to Channel 4’s commissioning an exposé of Mother Teresa’s work, Hell’s Angel, hosted by the social critic and polemicist Christopher Hitchens.

Yet Teresa is venerated by Indians, which Dr. Chatterjee attributes to the Nobel Peace Prize she won in 1979 as well her place in the Western canon.

Join us on Sunday, 4 September at 8.30 PM IST where Abhinav Agarwal of the Indic Book Club will host Dr. Chatterjee for a webinar.

Indic Academy is a school for thinkers with an aim to preserve, protect and promote Indic civilizational thought, culture and values.

You can join the webinar at this link. The event will also be streamed live on Swarajya’s Facebook page.