154 Cases Of Norovirus Reported In UK As Country Slides Into Unlock Phase: Report

154 Cases Of Norovirus Reported In UK As Country Slides Into Unlock Phase: ReportNorovirus

Following a regular surveillance, the Public Health England (PHE) has warned against the increasing spread of the vomit and diarrhea-causing norovirus as around 154 cases of the same have been reported in the United Kingdom (UK) within five weeks from late-May to July.

A vast majority of these cases have been discovered in educational setups including the likes of childcare facilities and nurseries.

The PHE has recommended staying indoors for about 48 hours if one experiences symptoms of norovirus.

Moreover, washing hands frequently with soap along with disinfecting stuff that could be contaminated with norovirus with a bleach-based household cleaner are also measures that have been suggested by the UK governmental agency.

“Norovirus, commonly known as the winter vomiting bug, has been at lower levels than normal throughout the pandemic with less opportunity to spread between people in the community but as restrictions have eased we have seen an increase in cases across all age groups,” Professor Saheer Gharbia, Deputy Director of the PHE’s National Infection Service, stated as per a report by Forbes.

As of now, no particular medicine has been recommended for norovirus though it is said that drinking substantial amount of liquids to substitute the fluid lost due to diarrhea and vomiting could be a useful exercise.