$20,000 For A Plane Ticket: Rich Chinese Students Fleeing US Pay Hefty Sum For Seats On Private Jets

Image from Twitter. China Xinhua News

Chinese students from wealthy families studying in the United States are persuading their parents to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a seat on a private jet to bring them back home to China, reports Wion.

The Coronavirus originated from the city of Wuhan, the sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province, and now has spread all over the world putting the lives of hundreds of millions at risk.

With the ensuing lockdown in US and increasing number of covid-19 patients, Chinese students are making a run for mainland China regardless of the cost of the ticket.


The number of coronavirus cases has decreased in China, while countries like the US, Italy France, Germany and Spain have become the new epicentres for coronavirus.

Also, Spain’s total death toll as of Wednesday (25 March), was 3,434 -- higher than China, and second only to Italy.

Air charter providers have been told, albeit informally, that private jets registered in China are not allowed to land in the US, and visa versa.

A source told Reuters, "The Chinese government is reluctant to let people abroad to come back, though they cannot make it too obvious. We have received a lot of verbal guidance to restrict chartered flights these days and the door is closing rapidly,"

Right now a 14-seat Bombardier 6000, capable of ferrying 14 passengers is charging 2.3 million yuan ($325,300), or about $23,000 for a spot.

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