Air India Gives In To China’s Orwellian Bullying To Describe Taipei As Part Of China, Taiwan Lashes Out

Swarajya Staff

Jul 06, 2018, 04:07 PM | Updated 04:05 PM IST

An Air India Boeing 747 Dreamliner (RAVEENDRAN/AFP/GettyImages)
An Air India Boeing 747 Dreamliner (RAVEENDRAN/AFP/GettyImages)

Less than a month after China started bullying airlines around the world to list Taipei and other locations in Taiwan as part of China, Air India, one of the few to defy the diktat has finally caved in to the pressure.

In June, China had written to major airlines across the world, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Among those that didn’t agree were United and Delta in the United States, Air India, Vietnam Airlines, and several Japanese ones.

However, Air India seems to have finally given in and replaced Taiwan with Chinese Taipei, reports India Today. China had warned of repercussions including fewer airline slots and also threatened to block the websites of those that didn’t comply.

The order by the Civil Aviation Authority of India (CAAC) had given India an extension till 25 July to comply. Air India had then said that it would refer the matter to the Ministry of External Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affars of the Republic of China (Taiwan) took to Twitter to lash out at the larger state, targeting China’s blocking of Twitter and other social media in the country.

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