Allegedly Facing Censorship By Establishment Media, German Far-Right To Come Up With Its Own Newsroom

Alternative for Germany leader Alice Weidel. (Sean Gallup via Getty Images)

Claiming censorship by established media houses in Germany, Alternative for Germany (AfD), the German far-right party has announced its plans to come up with its own online newsroom, Quartz has reported.

AfD led the way as the German far-right made its comeback to the German Bundestag (parliament) on the back of increasing anti-immigrant sentiment in Germany.

AfD leader, Alice Weidel, speaking about the move said, “As long as the AFD is ignored by many media or deliberately maligned with fake news, this can be the only way”.


AfD’s media house will work 24 hours a day to spread its message and highlight topics that Weidel claims “have been swept under the carpet.” She said that the channel will begin operations in April and would offer an alternative narrative to the established media.

A spokesperson of the German Federation of Journalists, however dismissed the efforts towards a new media house calling it AfD’s “own form of truth”.

The AfD made a historic entry to mainstream politics after receiving 13 per cent vote in September 2017 German elections, campaigning on anti-immigrant agenda which it claims isn’t getting proper coverage in the German media.

The announcement follows a similar trend across the world, with established media being accused of deliberately ignoring or misreporting right wing issues leading to the emergence of alternative media houses.