Become Drug Vigilantes: Navjot Singh Sidhu To Punjab Youth 

Navjot Sidhu (Money Sharma /AFP/ Getty Images)     

Congress leader and Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu has asked Punjabi youth to resort to vigilantism against the drug menace in the state, Tribune has reported. Sidhu was speaking at student interaction session organised by Youth Congress at a college in Jalandhar. He asked the youth not to be completely dependent on the government for tackling the state’s drug problem.

“Though the Punjab government has launched a major campaign to counter drug abuse, the menace cannot be curbed without your active participation. So was the case during the dark days of terrorism, which could be tackled not because of police action, but because of the people who became vigilant and took things in their stride”, Sidhu said while addressing the youth.

Further, the minister said that he felt pained when he saw elderly people taking their grandsons to de-addiction centres in the state.


The state’s assembly had recently passed a law recommending death penalty for drug peddlers and smugglers.

Punjab faces a huge drug abuse problem and several cases of anti-drug vigilantism have already made news in the state. Sidhu, now a minister in the Congress government, had jumped ship from the BJP before the state elections last year.