‘Can’t Compare Sabarimala To Triple Talaq, Every Temple Has Its Own Traditions’: PM Modi Breaks His Silence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an interview given to ANI on 1 January made his stance clear over the Sabarimala issue by calling it a matter of tradition.

When quizzed over his party’s opposition to triple talaq over on the one hand and support of traditions when it comes to Sabarimala, PM Modi countered it with two points.

He said that many Islamic countries including have banned Triple Talaq hence the matter doesn’t relate to either religion or faith but pertains to gender equality and social justice.

Whereas, PM Modi added that there are some temples in India which do not allow men to enter their sanctum and that every temple has its own beliefs.

He hence stated that it is necessary to minutely read Supreme Court judge Indu Malhotra’s dissenting judgement on the matter and not attribute the issue to any political party.

PM Modi also spoke on other issues like the alleged weakening of the Prime Minister’s Office as an institution in the UPA year when the National Advisory Council (NAC) was formed.

He also took a shot at New Delhi’s Lutyens circle by proudly declaring himself part of the non-elite section of the society. He said that he has not won over the Lutyens and neither does he want to be part of them as he has a different background.

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