Chennai Hosts Three Day-Long Rail Coach Expo

LHB coaches on the Mumbai August Kranti Rajdhani Express (Superfast1111/Wikimedia Commons) 

Chennai will be hosting an exposition for rail coaches and train sets for the next three days starting today (17 May) on the lines on international automobile exhibitions, reports The Telegraph. The International Rail Coach Expo (IRCE) is being held in India for the first time and will be hosted by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Ministry of Railways, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Rites Limited.

For the first time an International Rail Coach Expo (IRCE) to focus on Rail Coaches and train sets is being held in our ICF premises. Many reputed rail car and equipment builders will be showcasing their technology and products. It will be a unique platform to bring different suppliers under one roof and create synergy for Make in India.
ICF General Manager S Mani

The expo will see exhibits from over a hundred manufacturers from more than ten countries along with conferences and seminars on rail technology, innovation and future designs.

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