Colour Fooled At The Workplace? Wages Paid To Indians, Blacks And Asians Less Than That For Whites In UK, Says Report

White’s might is still right, it seems (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

A report released by Resolution Foundation on Thursday (December 27) says that people of colour including Indians are still facing a significant pay gap in comparison to their white counterparts , reports The Hindu.

The report states that Britain’s 1.9-million ethnic minority workforce that includes blacks, Asians and Indians, have lost out £3.2 billion over the past decade (2007-2017) because of the “pay penalty”, a discrimination based on their racial background.

“All things held equal, Indian non-graduate women earned 44 pence an hour and black non-graduate women 61 pence an hour less than their white counterparts,” the report found.


Pay gaps is the average pay difference that exists between groups. Pay penalties cover the average difference in pay after personal, and work-related characteristics are accounted for.

The Resolution Foundation thus concludes that taken together, both of them represent a considerable issue for individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds. The most significant impact is seen on male graduates. Blacks were paid 17 per cent or £3.90 an hour less compared to their white peers, while Pakistani and Bangladeshi male graduates earned an average of 12 per cent less an hour.

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