Congress Amended Constitution 80+ Times, Did Not Even Spare The Preamble But Sends PM Copy Of It, Tweets Amazon Receipt

Congress Amended Constitution 80+ Times, Did Not Even Spare The Preamble But Sends PM Copy Of It, Tweets Amazon ReceiptCongress sending constitution’s copy to PM Modi (pic via Twitter)

On the 71st anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution, the opposition Congress party sent a copy of the book to Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggesting that he read and follow it.

"Dear PM, The Constitution is reaching you soon. When you get time off from dividing the country, please do read it. Regards, Congress," the party tweeted along with the snapshot of an Amazon receipt, which indicated that the copy would be delivered to the Central Secretariat.

The opposition party has been alleging that the government is violating the Constitution through the Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA.

Ironically the Congress party led governments have mutilated the Constitution and stripped the document it of its founding principles like equality before law, right to life and liberty and fundamental rights including the right to freedom of expression. The Congress led governmet over the years have introduced more that 80 amendements to the constitution.

As legal commentator Ananth Krishna observed:

Constitution has been amended over a 100 times from the document that Ambedkar originally proposed. A majority of these amendments have been by Congress governments. Of course, that is due to the fact that they have dominated the political scenario in India for most of the period after independence. But what needs to be kept in the mind is that the amendments made by the Congress have virtually expunged it of its core values, and made it easier for the Congress to use the document to further its own political goals.

In 1976, when the country was under an internal emergency and opposition leaders were in jail, the then Congress government led by Indira Gandhi amended the Preamble to include two debatable words, ‘Secular’ and ‘Socialist’. The 42nd amendment provided for curtailment of fundamental rights, imposes fundamental duties and changes to the basic structure of the constitution by making India a "Socialist Secular" Republic.

In 1975, the party led government introduced the 39th Amendment, which nullified the June 1975 verdict of the Allahabad High Court which had found then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi guilty of corrupt electoral practice. This amendment was hurried through the two Houses of Parliament and State Assemblies in order to prohibit the courts from entertaining election petitions against the Prime Minister.