Congress Leader Urmila Matondkar Takes U-Turn, Calls Hinduism ‘Epitome Of Peace’ After Huge Backlash

Congress Leader Urmila Matondkar (@OfficialUrmila/Twitter)

Urmila Matondkar, who recently joined politics contesting for Lok Sabha seat under Congress party was seen retracting from here statement wherein she called ‘Hinduism the most violent religion’.

Her comments were made at an interview in which she said that she likes nothing about the Narendra Modi government and went on to allege that the “religion which has been known for its religious tolerance has turned out to be the most violent of them all”.

The sudden change in her rhetoric comes after a huge backlash against her comments from the BJP and various social media users. A criminal complaint too was lodged against the actress, party president Rahul Gandhi and a journalist by BJP spokesperson Suresh Nakhua.


Speaking to ANI Urmila termed the complaint baseless and bogus and asserted that her comments were about the divisive politics of BJP and not Hinduism which she terms as “epitome of peace.” She emphasised that Hinduism embraces benevolent concepts of Wasudhaiv Kutumbakam and Ahimsa Paramodharma.

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