Cracking IIT-JEE With A Good Rank: Here’s How Much You Should Study Everyday To Ace The Test

Swarajya Staff

Jul 09, 2019, 02:49 PM | Updated 02:49 PM IST

IIT Bombay main building (Facebook)
IIT Bombay main building (Facebook)

IIT-JEE or JEE Advanced as it is known now, is one of the most coveted entrance examinations in India, with almost 10 lakh applicants registering every year for the first phase of test - JEE Main.

Often times IIT aspirants are confused about how much they should study to crack the test with a good rank and are often vaguely told to study “as much as they can”. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation on the part of the students, resulting in less clarity.

First and foremost, regular aspirants need to ensure that they devote equal time and effort for all three subjects - Maths, Physics and Chemistry to avoid the risk of not clearing subject-wise cutoff.

This also hedges against the scenario of an aspirant losing out to the competition in light of his or her preferred subject paper being more difficult compared to others.

Coming to how much you should study. Every aspirant needs to make sure that they devote 2.5 hours per day per subject for self study. This translates to a daily study time of 7.5 hours for all three subjects.

Now, this study time excludes the time spent in coaching and school and should be treated as extra. Aspirants should also spend about 60 to 90 minutes reviewing what was taught to them in IIT-JEE coaching or in case of self-study, the notes which they would have made themselves.

This is considered as an optimal study plan and allows aspirants to cover the whole syllabus and get a good rank without stretching themselves out. The aspirants are also advised to sleep for around 7 hours per day and not be frugal in this aspect to ensure a fresh and healthy mind and body.

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