‘D-ART’ Is Your ‘Entrance’ To Non-STEM Graduation: New Exam For Admission Across All Humanities Courses

‘D-ART’ Is Your ‘Entrance’ To Non-STEM Graduation: New Exam For Admission Across All Humanities CoursesForeign Students at Delhi University (Representative image) (Sushil Kumar/Hindustan Times via GettyImages)

An entrance test for admissions to non-STEM courses, DALHAM Assessment Rating Tool (D-ART) was launched by Dalham foundation, an independent not-for-profit social enterprise. As per reports, 30 institutes have already agreed to enrol students on the basis of the exam for over 250 courses.

Candidates who are interested can apply through the official website, dalhamfoundation.org and the registration process concludes in May 2019. The results of the exam will be declared in September 2019 after the exam is conducted in August 2019.

Currently, no government school has agreed to enrol students through the exam, but the founders claim that the next step is to involve state-government universities.

For each form, an application fee of Rs 4,999 will be charged, and students can apply for three courses through one application. The offerings will range from B A programme, design, media, architecture-aligned and other humanities-based courses. Students will be tested on both subject and applied knowledge and the test will be conducted in the computer-based testing (CBT) format. Students will also have to submit a video-based ‘statement of purpose’ for admission.

Co-founder of DALHAM Foundation, Shekhar A Bhattacharjee says, “The exam aims to change the way we assess students, it is not about just marks.” He adds, “There is no common exam for non-STEM courses when around 30 lakh of the students opt for these courses.”