Digital India Takes Off In The Northeast: After Imphal, BPO Unit Opens In Guwahati 

Representative image (Rachit Goswami/The India Today Group/Getty Images)

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is rapidly making headway in the north-eastern states with a new BPO unit opening in the Assamese capital Guwahati, ANI has reported. The BPO segment of the Information Technology (IT) industry is fast becoming a major livelihood generator for citizens in the neglected north-eastern states.

The central government has rolled out a Northeast BPO scheme under the broader rubric of Digital India under which it has sought to incentivize the establishment of 5000 jobs in BPO sector in the broader north-eastern region. Prior to the establishment of a BPO unit in Guwahati, centres had been established in the Manipuri capital Imphal.

Elaborating on the services provided by these units, an employee said “Different kinds of services are provided here, like form processing, BPO, payroll services and software”. The BPO scheme for the north-east is part of the Modi government’s broader thrust towards the development of the north-eastern region so that the region could serve as the gateway for India’s Act East Policy.


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