Discipline Gone Too Far? MIT Pune Defends Public Shaming Of Students Caught Doing ‘Improper Acts’ On Campus

Discipline Gone Too Far? MIT Pune Defends Public Shaming Of Students Caught Doing ‘Improper Acts’ On Campus@AniruddhaGokhale/Facebook

Maharashtra Institute of Technology’s World Peace University (WPU), Kothrud Campus is seeing a row between the administration and students. Two students who were found in public place indulging in “uncultured behaviour”, were shamed by the University by announcing their names on speaker and suspending them temporarily. Their posters were also stuck around the campus.

Facing backlash, the college administration has defended the action by saying other students needed to be aware of the consequences.

The two first-year students were found indulging in “improper acts” on institute lawns, which they along with their batchmates have denied, as reported by The Indian Express.

Registrar of the university, D P Apte, has been condemned by the students for taking such a shocking measures to punish the students. Apte defended his moves by saying the other students won't understand the seriousness of their misconduct if such steps were not taken. He said that the naming of students in posters and on the radio was made in the past too, adding that the parents of the two students were also informed.

Students, on the other hand, are aggrieved by what they perceive as inappropriate handling the issue. A second-year student said that the measures were extremely humiliating, and such public shaming would haunt the two students rest of their lives.

Students also pointed out the ‘Dos and Don’ts handbook’ of the university had other controversial rules like banning ripped jeans, those in colours other than dark blue and black or excessively faded, hair that may look untidy, or “showing off more than friendly closeness” with other students.

Apte defended the handbook saying that it reflected the culture of the university. “Anything that goes against this can’t be tolerated on the campus,” he said.