Four Arrested In Uttar Pradesh For Building Road Over Alive Dog

The dog buried under the tar. (pic via Twitter)

Four people have been arrested from Agra for having laid a road over a dog while it was alive reportedly. According to Hindi-daily Amar Ujala, the dog was resting on side of the road when hot tar was poured over it. As the dog lay howling in pain, a road roller passed over it crushing it to death.

"A fresh layer of coal tar was being laid on the road from Phool Sayyed crossing towards the Circuit House and the Taj Mahal. A dog was sleeping on one side of the road. Instead of chasing the animal or removing it physically, burning coal tar was poured over it. Later, a road roller crushed the animal. The body has now disappeared," social activist Naresh Paras was quoted as saying by PTI.

Locals noticed the body yesterday (13 June) morning after which a crane was deputed to dig it up.


As the incident came to light, activists and animal lovers vented anger on social media platforms demanding justice for the despicable act.

Four people associated with the company constructing the road, including the road roller’s driver, have been arrested in connection with the case. Under section 429, under which the accused have been booked, a maximum sentence of five years can handed if the crime is proven.