Google Assistant Turns Interpreter, Can Translate Up To 27 Languages During Conversation Between Two People 

(Source: @martin_boronski/Twitter)

Google has made an interesting update to its Assistant. Showcased in this week’s CES (Consumers Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Google Assistant will now have an interpreter mode, reports India Today.

Now Google Assistant can translate 27 languages in real time, turning into an interpreter between two people speaking different languages in the same physical place.

The update, which caused rumblings in the hospitality industry, include popular languages like Greek, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Finnish, English, Thai, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, etc


To make use of the mode, say for translating French, one has to say, "Google be my French translator". The assistant will then translate any language into French and vice versa, speaking the translations and showing writing in case of a screen is available.

This can help the user check in a foreign hotel, understand a bus schedule, etc. Though far from perfect, the technology has the potential to remove barriers in hospitality, business, work, etc.

Another primary sector that can be impacted is education, since its a cost-effective tool for students studying abroad. Even those who study online can translate their study materials into languages they are comfortable in.

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