Grateful To Gurus 2019: Indic Academy Marks Guru Purnima By Honouring 108 Scholars Devoted To Upholding Dharma

Grateful To Gurus 2019: Indic Academy Marks Guru Purnima By Honouring 108 Scholars Devoted To Upholding DharmaGrateful to Gurus 2019 (Pic Via Indic Today)

Indic Academy while following its tradition of celebrating Guru Purnima, announced the names of 108 scholars it will honour as part of the 2019 edition of Grateful to Gurus event.

The scholars including academics, activists, authors, artists and activists who have devoted their life towards preserving and promoting Indic Culture. They have also been honoured for “resisting the ever increasing attacks on Dharmic spaces, traditions, Gurus and the very being of Sanathana Dharma itself”.

Some of the Gurus being honoured this year are:

Anjaneya Sharma Garu, Dr Ramchandra Bhat Kotemane, Dr R L Kashyap, Dr R Mani Dravid Shastrigal, Professor K V Ramakrishnamacharyulu, Brahmashri Subramanya Deekshitar, Brahmashri Sundara Kumar D, Acharya Chirravuri Srirama Sarma and Professor V N Jha for promoting and preserving traditional knowledge and means of education.

Academicians Subhash Kak, Koenraad Elst, Michel Danino, Bharat Gupt, S N Balagangadhara, Madhu Kishwar, Arvind Sharma and Meenakshi Jain for their contribution in the scholastic sphere.

Rajiv Malhotra for highlighting and factually countering biased narratives peddled by a section of Western Indologists. Dalit Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI) founder Milind Kamble for bringing together Dalit entrepreneurs under one umbrella.

Artists Dr Ramaa Kausalya, Prabha Atre, Dr Arvinda Hebbar, Tirumale Srinivas, Daksha Seth and Kosurlua Seshalatha. Culture activist Mohan Hemmadi and entrepreneur R T Chari.

Prashant Iyengar, Dr Subhada Joshi, Dr R Nagarathna, Dr Gangadharan Nair and Raghu Ananthanarayanan for preserving and spreading yoga, ayurveda and vedanta.

Spiritual gurus - Swami Paramathmananda, Swami Mitrananda, Swamini Vimalananda, Swami Vigyanand, Chilkur Rangarajan for protecting and promoting Dharma and Chamu Krishna Sastry for promoting Samskritam.

A single post is not enough to do justice to a lifetime of work or even describe the gratitude we feel for each of these 108 Gurus. We will be preparing a citation for each one of them, describing their life, thought and body of work in an attempt to capture their life purpose
Shridhar K Chari and Aparna Sridhar in Indic Academy’s write-up honouring the gurus

The list was finalised based on nominations sent in by various well-wishers. You can read the names of all 108 Gurus being honoured this year and explore further details here