Grave Details Of Shoddy Investigation Emerge After Forcibly Converted Hindu Girls Get Sent Back To Their Abductors

The abducted Hindu girls. (@PHS.Welfare.Trust/Facebook)

The family of two Hindu sisters from Pakistan’s Sindh has alleged a shoddy investigation process following which the duo was sent back to their abductors being portrayed as ‘husbands’.

As per journalist Veengas, the brother of the two girls has claimed that he and his family members were not even allowed to meet the medical team which pronounced them of legal married age. The family maintains that the sisters are minors.

It was earlier reported that the sisters who were allegedly abducted, forcefully converted to Islam and married off have been sent back to their Muslim husbands Safdar Ali and Barkat Ali by the Islamabad High Court.

The decision was taken in the light of an alleged confession by the girls that they had willingly converted to Islam given they were impressed by the Islamic teachings.

As per a report penned by the Sindh based journalist, the committee constituted to probe the matter was entirely constituted of Muslims and not even a single Hindu was part of it.

What raises further questions over the process is that the girls were taken to the court by their abductors. The victim’s family which has struggled with poverty had failed to procure birth certificates for the girls and the Pakistani authorities thus relied on bone tests which have come into question.

Incidentally, the girls were reportedly married off to their abductors in Pakistan’s Punjab province and not Sindh as the latter has passed a law prohibiting child marriage.

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