Heavy Waterlogging Affects Traffic On Chennai-Howrah Railway Line, Railways Looks At Micro-Tunneling To Solve Problem

Railway train engines on the tracks (Ramesh Pathania/Mint via Getty Images)

With heavy water logging at the railway yard near Bhubaneswar railway station affecting trains and the railway signalling on the Chennai-Howrah mainline, East Coast Railways (ECoR) has decided to look at micro-tunneling to solve the issue, reports PTI.

The existing drainage system in the region, which is connected to the municipal drainage system has proven inadequate, especially during heavy rainfall. Huge volumes of water from nearby localities ultimately enters the station yard thus disrupting traffic by making railway points (or switches) non-functional that led to signal failures.

The Railways did mull over the idea of rebuilding a bridge in the vicinity to allow free flow of water but the plan was ultimately dropped owing to the huge number of railway blocks required. Micro-tunneling was proposed due to the minimal disruption to services given the huge volume of traffic the line sees.