In A First, Indian Railways’ Oxygen Express To Transport 200 MT Of Liquid Medical Oxygen To Bangladesh

In A First, Indian Railways’ Oxygen Express To Transport 200 MT Of Liquid Medical Oxygen To BangladeshTankers carrying liquid oxygen mounted on oxygen express.

Indian Railways' Oxygen Express is going to embark on a journey to Bangladesh. This development is the first time that the Oxygen Express is operationalised for a neighbouring country.

Indian Railways started Oxygen Expresses on 24 April 2021 to provide respite to Indian states requiring medical Oxygen. More than 35,000 MT of LMO was transported to 15 states. Around 480 Oxygen Expresses were operationalised.

"Today, an indent was placed at Tata in Chakradharpur Division under South Eastern Railway to transport 200 MT of Liquid Medical Oxygen to Benapole, Bangladesh," the Ministry of Railways said.

The loading of 200 MT of LMO in ten containers rake was completed on Saturday (24 July).

Bangladesh is experiencing a severe rise in Covid-19 cases compelling the government to announce an all-out nationwide lockdown on 1 July.

The lockdown was relaxed on 13 July for eight days due to Eid-ul-Azha. On Thursday (22 July) announced the resumption of the strict countrywide lockdown from Friday (23 July).

All kinds of transports, except for those carrying emergency supplies, will remain suspended during the lockdown. However, ambulances and vehicles used for healthcare services and media would be exempted from the curbs.

All government and private offices will remain closed during the lockdown.

The country's army would be called in to assist the police and the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) troopers to enforce the 'strict lockdown'.

The lockdown announcement sparked an exodus from Dhaka.

With public intercity transport already suspended since last week, people have squeezed into rickshaws, hopped onto motorbikes and even hired ambulances to make their way to their villages. Many boarded trucks, pick-ups, three-wheelers, human hauliers and rode motorbikes to go back to their village homes, disregarding the health safety rules.