“India Is Older Than Islam Let Alone Pakistan, Be Honest,” Says Imam Tawhidi On Kashmir Issue

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi

Imam Tawhidi has reiterated his position on Kashmir, saying that it belongs to India.

“Kashmir was never part of Pakistan. Kashmir will never be part of Pakistan. Both Pakistan and Kashmir belong to India. Muslims converting from Hinduism to Islam doesn’t change the fact that the entire region is Hindu Land. India is older than Islam let alone Pakistan. Be honest,” said Imam in a tweet yesterday (11 August).

In the past also, the Islamic scholar has criticised Pakistan for supporting Islamist terrorism.


“Pakistan in Its constitution claims to maintain the rights of all citizens yet the government fails to recognise the rights of minorities. It has been a “terrorist haven” for many years, harbouring terrorists. It is also guilty of taking tens of billions of dollars from the West to fight terrorism, yet has made little to no efforts in fighting any extremist ideology,” he said in an interview.

In a tweet on 4 August the Imam said, “My position on the Kashmir issue has never changed. It is Hindu land that does not belong to Pakistan. I discussed this with Indian politicians and faith leaders during my last visit to India.”

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