‘India Must Have Its Own LTE Modem For National Security’: Zoho Develops Indigenous 4G LTE Modem 

Zoho’s Chief Executive Officer Sridhar Vembu (@smallbiztrends/Twitter)

Sridhar Vembu the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zoho (a SAAS firm) has claimed that the company has secretly developed a 4G LTE modem.

This modem was a result of an effort by 50 engineers who worked eight years on the project. The final product was taped-out in Taiwan a couple of weeks ago.

Vembu stressed on the importance of this project by asserting that India must have its own LTE chip in the interest of national security. He was speaking at a “Business Visionaries Series” function in Chennai last week (9 February).

He added that, “US CEOs buy private jets. My jet is developing India’s first LTE Chip for our national security. Far more satisfying than any Jet ever!”

Speaking about his own journey as a technocrat he credited India for all his successes and claimed that the nation has the smartest people. He called on giving Indians a vision and then wait for the magic to unfold.

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