Indian Army Plans Hike In Retirement Age Of Skilled Workforce To Reduce Costs, Pension Burden

Indian Army Engineers Regiment (@SpokespersonMOD/Twitter)

Indian Army is contemplating an increase the retirement age of skilled workforce, to retain specialists and reduce the pension burden reports The Hindu.

As per the report, the army conducted a study on “age enhancement for retirement”, and the draft report awaits approval of the Defence Ministry.

“We don’t want to lose skilled manpower. We have identified specialists in various disciplines and looking if we can raise their retirement age to between 55 and 58,” a senior Army official was quoted as saying.


The areas that will be under consideration include medical assistants, radiologists and electronics and mechanical engineers.

Other Ranks (OR) personnel in armed forces usually start retiring when they are in the 35 to 37 age bracket, and officers usually retire at 54.

The limits have been set keeping in mind the rigours of military service. However, due to significant technological advancements and the reduction in stress levels, officials believe that they can serve till the age of 58.

If the retirement age is extended, it would save the costs of replacing new expertise and reduce the mounting pension burden on the Army. Personnel will be able to continue serving and would not need to search for alternative employment.

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