Indian Railways Reaches Major Milestone: Supplies Over 10,000 Tonnes Of Medical Oxygen to 13 States

Indian Railways Reaches Major Milestone: Supplies Over 10,000 Tonnes Of Medical Oxygen to 13 StatesTankers carrying liquid oxygen mounted on oxygen express.

Railway Board Chairman Suneet Sharma said in a press briefing that the Indian railways Reached the milestone of carrying 10,000 tonnes of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) on Monday (17 May) morning on 160 Oxygen Express.

Oxygen Express delivered 10,300 tonnes of life-saving gas in more than 600 tankers to 13 states picking it up from places like Hapa and Mundra in the west and Rourkela, Durgapur, Jamshedpur and Angul in the east.

Sharma said that the railways are carrying out their operation facing some challenges.

"Despite the cyclone (Tauktae), the railways ran early this morning two Oxygen Expresses from Gujarat to beat high winds and deliver 150 tonnes of oxygen… while one of them left from Vadodara at 4 am with two RO-RO trucks and 45 tonnes of LMO for delivery in the Delhi region, the other left Hapa at 5.30 am with six tankers loaded with 106 tonnes of oxygen relief for deliveries for Uttar Pradesh and the Delhi region,"

Punjab received its first 'Oxygen Express' at Phillaur at 7 pm on Monday with two tankers of 41.07 tonnes of oxygen.

Railways have delivered 3,734 tonnes of LMO in Delhi, 2,652 tonnes in Uttar Pradesh, 521 tonnes in Maharashtra, 1,290 tonnes in Haryana and 564 tonnes in Telangana to date.

Sharma also added that Railways is running 1005 mail/express trains, 3893 suburban, 517 passenger trains; trains being rationalised based on occupancy.

He added that Railways had vaccinated its 4.32 lakh employees, in touch with state governments to vaccinate the remaining staff.

Sharma also said that the Railways had stationed 348 isolation coaches as per the request of state governments.

These isolation coaches have been provided to Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Nagaland and Tripura.