India's Nuclear R&D Units To Transfer 25-30 Technologies To Industry In 2021


Jan 01, 2021, 11:38 AM | Updated 11:38 AM IST

Department of Atomic Energy (Pic Via Wikipedia)
Department of Atomic Energy (Pic Via Wikipedia)

The research and development (R&D) units of India's Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) are likely to transfer about 25-30 technologies developed by them to industry, said a top official of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).

"Around 25 technologies are likely to be transferred and around five new technologies are likely to be advertised for transfer in the year 2021," K N Vyas, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) told IANS.

Currently, more than 150 technologies are available to industry for commercial adaptation.

Last year the R&D units of DAE had transferred 25 different technologies through 38 Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreements, said Vyas.

The R&D units of DAE have many other technologies at different levels of readiness and are ready for incubation and further improvisation.

The DAE is inviting emerging entrepreneurs from the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector of the country to participate in this initiative.

A couple of months back the R&D units of DAE had set up technology incubation centres for incubating the startups and others on the technologies developed by them.

Some of the technologies that were transferred during 2020 and the technologies for which more than one transfer agreement were signed (total of such agreements signed is indicated in bracket) are as follows:

Agriculture & Bioscience

  1. Ambient prolonged storable meal for natural calamities and other targets technology.

  2. Safe and Prolonged Storable 'Legume Sprouts' and 'Sweet Corn Kernels technology

  3. Cost Effective Production of Xanthan gum (Food and Pharmaceutical Grade) technology (3)

  4. A Rapid Composting Technology for decomposition of dry leaves, kitchen waste and temple waste technology (2)

  5. Preparation of Biodegradable packaging films using extrusion process technology

  6. A process for development of zinc fertilizer formulation from biosludge

  7. A post-harvest technology for development of intermediate moisture shrimp

  8. A process for development of phosphorus fertilizer formulation from biosludge Microfine neem biopesticide


  9. NISARGRUNA-Biogas plant Based on Biodegradable waste resource technology (5)

    Advanced Instrumentation

  10. Fast Current Transformer technology (2)

    Medical Equipments

  11. DEAP - Device to Ease Apnea Problem technology


  12. Bhabha Kavach (EG08MMD) technology - bullet proof jacket (3)

  13. Compact Pulsed Plasma based high pressure shock wave generators for constrained liquid immersed spaces

    Water Technologies

  14. On-line domestic water purifier based on ultrafiltration polysulfone membrane technology (2)

  15. Multi effect distillation with thermo vapour compression

    Desalination technology based desalination of sea water (2)

  16. Cellulose based water purifier for arsenic removal

  17. Hybrid granular SBR for wastewater treatment


  18. Sodium Hypochlorite Electrolyser Plant (SHEP) Technology

  19. Production of Abrasive Grade Boron Carbide Powder (3tonns/annum) technology (2)

  20. Synthesis of cathode (LiFePO4)/carbon and anode (Li4Ti5O12) material for lithium ion battery technology

  21. Visual Detection Kit for alcohol content in hand sanitizers technology

  22. Production of the intumescent rigid polyurethane foam.

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