ISRO Will Send A Probe To Venus In 2025, French Space Agency Will Participate In The Mission

ISRO Will Send A Probe To Venus In 2025, French Space Agency Will  Participate In The MissionVenus (Pic Via Wikipedia)

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is scheduled to launch its Venus mission in 2025 and France will participate in it, the French Space Agency CNES said on Wednesday (30 September).

"In the domain of space exploration, France will be taking part in ISRO’s mission to Venus, scheduled to launch in 2025. The VIRAL instrument (Venus Infrared Atmospheric Gases Linker) co-developed with the Russian federal space agency Roscosmos and the LATMOS atmospheres, environments and space observations laboratory attached to the French national scientific research centre CNRS has been selected by ISRO after a request for proposals," the CNES said in a statement.

"CNES will coordinate and prepare the French contribution, the first time a French payload will be flown on an Indian exploration mission," the French space agency added.

The statement came after ISRO Chairman Dr K Sivan and CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall held virtual talks on Wednesday. During their virtual meeting, the two agency heads reviewed the areas driving cooperation between France and India in space.

ISRO reportedly did not comment on the development so far.

India and France share a robust collaboration in the arena of the space. India also partners with France in the strategic sectors of nuclear and defence apart from the space sector.

"Since September 2018, CNES and ISRO have set up a working group focused on cooperation in the field of human spaceflight. The two nations are pooling their expertise, notably in the domains of space medicine, astronaut health monitoring and life support. Initial exchanges have concentrated on training for India’s flight physicians and technical teams and the supply of CNES flight systems," the French Space agency said.