It’s Official: BJP’s B S Yeddyurappa To Take Oath As Karnataka CM Tomorrow 

After a day of hectic activity following the fractured verdict in yesterday’s (15 May) Karnataka assembly election results, BJP chief ministerial candidate B S Yeddyurappa has been invited to take oath as the state’s CM tomorrow.

According to local news agency, News9, Karnataka governor Valubhai Vala has invited the BJP, which was has emerged as the largest party in the state to form the government.

Vala had reportedly held consultations with legal experts over whom to invite to form the government and then invited the BJP, it being the single largest party. Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi and Supreme Court lawyer Soli Sorabjee were reportedly consulted by the governor.

Rohtagi had advised the governor to invite the biggest party to form the government first.

Yeddyurappa, or BSY, as he’s known in the party, will now take oath as the Chief Minister tomorrow at 9 am at the state’s Raj Bhavan, according to BJP MLA and Karnataka spokesperson Suresh Kumar, who has attached the Governor’s letter in his tweet.

The state BJP’s official Twitter handle too has confirmed the news.

Congress, which won 78 seats in the elections, behind BJP’s 104, has said that it will move to the Supreme Court against the move.

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